"Social Media gives small business and independent contractors a tremendous opportunity to grow for a low cost"

Michael R. Scotch

People are gathering. You need to find them ...

Facebook has created "communities" of like-minded people that share recommendations about local contractors, products and services. But where are these groups? What they are saying about you and your competitors? How can you become a trusted part of the community so your business can get referrals and leads on jobs instantly? How can I reach more people when I have a sale? The next question should be how much time am I willing to spend creating and posting content, while monitoring different group feeds for possible sales opportunities? The last questions are do I want to pay someone to oversee my Facebook page? Do I want to spend on advertising? Do I want to pay to boost my posts to a larger audience? Let's talk about it.

People are everywhere. You need to find them ...

Facebook, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Snapchat and Instagram. With all of these different platforms, it is extremely important to match "your customer" to the  social media tool they use most often. We can help you.

People are listening. You need to speak up ...

No one knows your business better than you do. Don't be afraid to talk to your customers on social media and tell them what you have to offer.
It is important you shape your story to match your brand and market your business in a professional manner. It can be your first and last impression.

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