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Experience Does Matter …

Amateur sports media doesn’t have to mean amateur media for sports. With over 20 years experience as a professional in the sports media industry, our expertise allows us to add that extra little bit of professionalism and quality to tournament programs, magazines, websites, arena poster or any other project. We think about what parents and participants want and deliver products that represent their achievements and victories in a variety of stunning visual formats.

Make Club Membership Easy …

Tallships Media knows what goes into providing the best experience for your tournament guests, sports teams, clients and club memberships. We build websites with standings, schedules, results and other stats. We integrate and manage several booking applications.  We design custom digital newsletters and arena posters. We tell your sports story!

Capitalize on Sponsorship Opportunities …

One of the great untapped resources for sports teams and organizations is the promotion of sponsors on their team or organizational websites. At Tallships Media, we use our experience and industry connections to help you realize the benefits of those partnerships with creative ways to impress possible sponsors.

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[feature_column_box f_slide_ttl=”Copy Editing” f_slide_sbttl=”Proven Experience and Knowledge” f_slide_text=”We have edited stories of many of Canada’s top sportswriters and currently act as editor-in-chief of Featurd sports wire service.”]
[feature_column_box f_slide_ttl=”PROJECT MANAGEMENT” f_slide_sbttl=”Working Smart Means Something” f_slide_text=”We take advantage of our years of experience as a workflow expert to finish projects quickly, reduce costs and consistently hit deadlines.”]
[feature_column_box f_slide_ttl=”CONTENT CREATION” f_slide_sbttl=”We Love to Tell Great Stories” f_slide_text=”Your athletes deserve to be recognized for their achievements and so does your organization. Our professionalism will make you feel like a pro.”]
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